Industrial fabrication of new cooling tanks

Project Description

Bittons Metal Engineering is undertaking an industrial fabrication project for the manufacturing of new cooling tanks in Deerfield, Florida. The project aims to enhance the efficiency and capacity of the cooling systems used in various industrial applications.

The new cooling tanks will be designed and fabricated to meet the specific requirements of Bittons Metal Engineering’s clients, providing optimal cooling performance and durability. The project will involve the use of advanced fabrication techniques and high-quality materials to ensure the tanks can withstand harsh operating conditions and maintain precise temperature control.

The team at Bittons Metal Engineering will leverage their expertise in metal fabrication and engineering to deliver customized cooling tanks that meet industry standards and client specifications. The project will prioritize quality, safety, and adherence to project timelines, ensuring seamless integration of the new cooling tanks into existing industrial processes.


Industrial fabrication of new cooling tanks


Deerfield, Florida

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